A few of our graduates

We are proud to congratulate our graduates who successfully completed their pilot training and are now working as Captains and First Officers for various airlines.


Sebastian Kurda

Academy Graduate, First Officer Lot Airlines in 2019.


Stefano Sidonio

Academy Graduate, First Officer Loganair in 2019.


Shahrukh Amed

Academy Graduate, First Officer Ryanair in 2019.


Karl Sittig

Academy Graduate, First Officer DEA.


Mike Weeks

Academy Graduate, First Officer British Airways.

My flight training in Florida was a great experience, all be it some time ago, I still miss it today. It allowed me to experience exceptionally large airports, being able to land and transit their airspace unlike the UK. Also as much as the weather is generally nice out there you can also experience some very bad weather. I learnt a lot from an experience of how storms can build very quickly and merge together.


Cameron Patel

Academy Graduate, First Officer Flybe in 2019.


Chris Coates

Academy Graduated in 2018, First Officer DEA.


John Parker

Graduated in 2018, First Officer Jet2 in 2018.


Marshall Musadaidzwa

Academy Graduate, First Officer Turkish Airlines.


Michael Downey

Academy Graduate, First Officer Ryanair.


Thomais Tzelepi

2Fly Graduate, Captain Small Planet Airlines.

I would like to give my personal feedback. At this time my experience is really beautiful, the environment for the training and all the people are so kind and helpful. From the first day of my arrival you feel like you are in your own home from the first time.


Carlos Garcias

Academy Graduate, First Officer Emirates.


Ranjeet Sandhar Singh

Academy Graduate, First Officer Flybe in 2018.


Lee Glenister

Academy Graduate, First Officer CityJet in 2018.


Jonathan Western

Academy Graduate, First Officer Ryanair in 2017.


James Cook

Academy Graduate, First Officer Jet2.

My experience of my time with 2Fly was very positive leaving me with fond memories and long lasting friendships. Academy was able to help me realise my goal. I love my career choice, onwards and upwards.


Ajit Sohal

Graduated in 2016, First Officer with Norwegian in 2017.


Edward Waite

Graduated in 2016, First Officer Ryanair in 2017.


Matt Schofield

Graduated in 2014, First Officer Jet2 in 2015.


Tom Willard

Graduated in 2015, First Officer Global African Cargo.


Jessica Sardo

Academy Graduate, First Officer Norwegian.


Will Cochrane

Graduated in 2015, First Officer Norwegian in 2016.


Jon Alner

Graduated in 2015, First Officer British Airways.


Thomas Dibb

Graduated in 2015, First Officer Jet2 in 2016.

Training with 2Fly was an unbelievable opportunity and one I am extremely glad I took advantage of. Flying in different parts of the world with great weather enabled me to consistently be up in the skies and improving my skills as a pilot and has helped me to get to where I am today. I found the staff to be incredibly passionate and committed with all the knowledge to help you succeed with your flying and studies. This program also offered the opportunity to experience different places where when you have some spare time you can relax, enjoy yourself and go explore.


Dejan Zerafa

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Qatar Airlines.

I enrolled on the 2Fly Propilot course in 2012 and I must say the whole training experience helped me get to where I am today, a First Officer for Brussels Airlines flying the Airbus 320. Thanks to the very professional and efficient training provided by 2Fly, in both Florida and in Malaga, Spain I was able to pass all ground and flight exams, on the first attempt, putting me in a great position to land my first flying job with Air Malta. Flying from 2Fly bases in both Florida and southern Spain made my training an unforgettable experience, which I will always look back on with much fondness. I would definitely recommend it!


Alexander Beckett

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Emirates.

Training with 2Fly was a priceless experience both personally and professionally.The school gave me the best possible chance of finding employment with an airline with their fantastic ground school instructors helping me to pass my 14 ATPL examination results first time with a 92% average across the board.As well as the technical theory part of the course, we had the opportunity to fly all over Florida and the southern states of the USA, the views were unimaginable.
It is only when you look back on these experiences, with the views of landing into Miami airport on a sunset evening amongst the several Airbus and Boeing’s in traffic behind you, that you can appreciate the whole experience.Although the course was intense, we had so many memories as group, watching NBA games, Michael Buble in concert in Orlando and visiting white sandy beaches on both the east and west coasts of Florida.


Colm Crawley

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Cityjet.

I attended 2Fly in Malaga in September 2014. The facilities, instructors and admin staff were excellent I would have no hesitation in recommending Aerodynamics to fellow students. Flying out of Malaga international is a great experience, the mountainous terrain was spectacular. I completed my training the first week in October and within 3 months I had secured a job with Irish Airline Cityjet.


Luca Piccin

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Ryanair.

I joined 2Fly in Malaga in May 2010, after my training in the USA. The first merit I remember was the kindness received from the instructors and the people from administration office. I would be glad to recommend V1 Propilot to the future starting pilots. Today I am working as a First Officer for Ryanair flying the Boeing 737NG.


Connor Galloway

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Eastern Airways.

I enrolled onto the EASA Propilot course of pilot training, through the UK commercial office. After my initial phase one training, in Florida USA, I spent 2 months at 2Fly in Malaga, Spain doing the Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Rating and the EASA Commercial Pilot license. When you first arrive at the facilities you are greeted with a warm welcome. The atmosphere is very friendly and they make you feel part of a family, putting the needs of the student first. The flight school really excels in its flight training, the instruction is excellent and the instructors take time to explain everything effectively and professionally, but also in an enjoyable manner. Phase two training in Spain also have its advantages, as I was able to get my training done quickly and efficiently due to the great weather. The mountainous scenery is quite spectacular and creates some great new flying challenges. I would recommend the school to any aspiring pilot, professional flight training and a great experience.


Yuri Avantaggiato

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Ryanair.

What I found, with my pilot training, was a friendly and professional environment, with people ready to help and meet student’s requirements. In particular i enjoyed flying in Malaga, as the airport is a mix of general and commercial aviation, giving possibilities of expanding everyone’s experience and capabilities of managing challenging situations.


Mohit Anil Chandnani

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Jet2.

My experience with 2Fly in Malaga dates back to October 2007. I had enrolled upon the integrated ATPL course and graduated in May 2010. Overall I found the training instructors very good and always keen to see us progressing at every stage. Having the opportunity of flying with a variety of instructors also proved to be rather useful. The aircraft and simulators were generally very reliable, and flying out of an international airport like Malaga exposed us to the reality of commercial operations. Upon graduation, I took up numerous roles with the airline industry, such as dispatch and flight planning, which has proved to be of great use in my current position as a First Officer flying for out of Leeds Bradford.


Ishaaq Khattack

2Fly Graduate, First Officer Flydubai.

I enrolled onto the 2Fly Propilot course in Florida 2012 and in just 14 months was able to pass my PPL, ATPL’s, CPL, ME & IR and had an amazing time along the way. Thanks to the high quality of the training provided in the USA, I was fortunate enough to secure a position as First Officer with the Middle East airline Fly Dubai, on the Boeing 737 and am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I think it is important to add, however, that this didn’t come easily and required and awful lot of sacrifice and hard work, but the quality of instruction made it considerably easier than it could have been.


Fulvio Romagnoli

Graduated in 2016, First Officer Sun Express.


Stuart McDermott

Graduated in 2015, First Officer Flybe in 2016.