Airline Pilot Program

Advanced airline training program.

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Obtain a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate-Multi Engine in only six months!


The course comprises

FAA Private Pilot:

  • 47 hours SE Piper PA28 Aircraft
  • 30 hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 30 hours Private Theory
  • 10 hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

PIC Time Building:

  • 146 hours SE Airline Crew Program

FAA Instrument Rating:

  • 22 hours SE Cessna 172 G1000 Aircraft
  • 15 hours AATD Simulator
  • 35 hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 20 hours Instrument Theory
  • 10 hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

FAA Commercial Multi Engine:

  • 22 hours ME PA44 Aircraft
  • 20 hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 10 hours Commercial Theory
  • 5 hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

It also includes:

  • Private, Instrument and Commercial Course Study Materials
  • SE and ME fuel surcharges
  • Six months of shared room accommodations
  • I-20 application processing for International students

International students

This program includes fees associated for the student visa or TSA background/fingerprinting fees. All training is conducted at the Merritt Island facility.
Items included:

  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • FAA Knowledge Exam
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
  • Pilot Supplies (uniform, headset, fuel strainer, charts)

Note: This program is based on our training curriculum minimum requirements. In some cases, training over the minimums may occur, which will result in an additional expense.

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An excellent education offered by the best international Partners.

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