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Cambridge English



Dual Diploma Italy – USA

The Dual Diploma programme provides a unique opportunity for students to simultaneously obtain two high school diplomas, Italian and American.

While earning their English language certificates, and attending lessons taught through CLIL methodology (in English), students can obtain the American high school diploma, and prepare to pass the SAT test (Scholastic Assessment Test), which is essential to apply to colleges and universities in the USA.

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The Test of English for Aviation (TEA) is a language proficiency test developed according to ICAO guidelines. It is not a test of operational knowledge, nor of aviation phraseology. It is a test of ability to communicate in English in an aviation context for licencing purposes.

The TEA test is a face-to-face interview with an examiner and consisting of three sections (approx. 25 minutes each). The examiner evaluates the applicant’s proficiency in English, according to ICAO language requirements: pronunciation, structure, vocabolary, fluency, comprehension and interactions.

Passing the test is a requirement for professional pilots and other qualified figures who work in the aviation industry, whose first language is not English. Our Institute provides specific TEA test preparation courses.


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