Mission, Vision and Values

These are the basis of our professional and corporate growth.

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Our Mission


Our Vision

The world around us is changing. To continue growing in the next 10 years and beyond, we must look ahead and understand the trends.

We want to keep our brand intact, to be regarded reliable throughout the country, and to continue offering educational and training solutions that meet and exceed our students’ expectations, during their school pathway.

We are a big international family. We are open to any culture. Everyday, we welcome talented and motivated people, interested in sharing the same vision and goals.

Our Values

Our principles guide our actions, define our attitudes and our behaviour, in Italy and abroad.

  • We pay attention to people’s needs and demands (students and their families, and our partners)
  • Passion: it means to commit oneself to be and to do one’s best
  • Cooperation: it means to drive motivation in our community
  • We have a global vision, and we keep constantly updated on the trends and needs of the job market
  • We are committed to increasing our customers’ satisfaction, and to improving every day
  • We work efficiently and effectively

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